Borb Plushie Campaign

Dear blowers,

We’ve got some exciting news that’s going to make your hearts flutter and your cozy corners even cozier – introducing the official Borb Plushie!

The chubby, round, and irresistibly fluffy Borb is ready to waddle into your hearts and homes, but we need YOUR help to bring him to life!

Borb has been capturing the hearts of blowers worldwide with his adorable antics and plump charm. Now, you can bring this lovable character from the digital world into your reality!

The Borb Plushie is available for pre-order for a limited time, starting NOW until December 22nd! :calendar_spiral: But here’s the catch – we need to hit a certain number of pre-orders to make this dream a reality. Your support is the key to bringing Borb to life!

– Head to Makeship and secure your very own Borb Plushie by placing a pre-order.
– Spread the word! Share it with your friends, tag your gaming buddies, and let them know about the fluffiest addition to the family.

Pre-order your Borb Plushie now, and let’s bring it to life!