How can I transfer my progress to other devices?

You need a Humble North account for this:

  1. Register an account via the ingame account dialog , verify your email address, log in.
  2. In the account dialog, click on Cloud Saves and choose a cloud slot.
  3. You can now load your progress on other devices using Load cloud save #x.

Good to know:

  • Your progress will be saved every 5 minutes to the cloud.
  • If you want to quit the game, use the “Save & Quit” button in the options menu. The progress will be saved and pushed to the cloud. The game will quit after the transfer was completed.
  • Make sure the option Upload save to cloud option is enabled under the Misc tab in the options menu.


I can’t log in to my Humble North account

  • After registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a verification link. Please also check your spam folder
  • If you verified your email address and you are still unable to log in, reset your password, use a password without special chars and try again.
  • Also, if there is a game update available, update to the latest version and try logging in again.


DLC packs can’t be claimed (PC/Steam)

Please follow these steps:

  • Update to the latest version of the game
  • Make sure Steam overlay is enabled
  • In the Steam Library, select Leaf Blower Revolution -> Manage DLC -> Enable all checkboxes -> Scroll down -> Click save
  • Click on Restore DLC Purchases in the DLC Shop ingame


Supporter Items not Received (Mobile)

After the purchase, the supporter items are not added to your inventory automatically. In the DLC shop, click on the relevant Claim buttons to get the items.

Also make sure your game is connected go Google Play. The status can be seen in the options menu in the bottom right corner.

Pending Purchases (Mobile)

Generally, the purchase should be completed within a couple of minutes. Make sure that you have claimed the packs in the Supporter shop.

If you are using a different Google Play account than the one you have purchased the packs from, please switch your Play account to the main one and check if it works.

Alternatively, please contact Google directly as the payment process might be stuck.