1. Be respectful to others. We do not tolerate any form of racism, abuse, discrimination, doxing, trolling, etc.
  2. Only safe for work (SFW) nicknames allowed. Using not safe for work (NSFW) nicknames will not only ban you, but you’ll most likely get a curse from someone. I wouldn’t recommend that, personally.
    1. This also applies to “edgy” nicknames.
  3. All multiplayer features require a Steam account and a registered account on You can register an account in-game.
  4. Each season requires a new character to start with.
  5. You must blow some leaves.

Ban Reasons

Cheating in the Multiplayer component of the Game will result in a permanent ban tied to your Steam account. We retain the right to freeze or ban suspicious accounts or activity like botting or exploiting a bug knowingly to gain an advantage.

  1. Cheating: These bans are always permanent and will never be lifted.
  2. Verbal Abuse: Bad behavior, flaming and/or racism towards other people in Multiplayer chat.
  3. Toxic Behavior: Overall toxicity and bad behavior. We all want to have some fun, so please don’t ruin someone’s day.
  4. Exploiting known bugs on purpose to gain an unfair advantage
  5. Multiboxing, botting, account sharing.