I’m excited to announce the latest update that adds an exciting layer to your leaf-blowing journey! Introducing Banks – a new feature that allows you to spend your hard-earned Soul Particles strategically to unlock passive boss cards. Thanks to miram1 for this great suggestion, and of course thanks to the beta testers for their work and suggestions.



  • Banks: Deposit resources into banks to get boss cards. (unlocked in soul shop; offline rewards will be added in the next update)
  • New material: Refined Soul Stone (brewable but reduced output)
  • New cards (Quark Ambit bosses)
  • Autobrew toggle added (enables or disables autobrew globally without toggling single recipes)
  • Hotkeys added + order changed
  • Raw soul stones drop count fixed for QA bosses
  • Log scrollbar returned (long vacation)
  • Alchemy stats added to alchemy menu
  • Autobuy priorities loadout fixed
  • Challenges can be exited from the main menu if you’re stuck in a challenge
  • Soul Forge hotkey added



  • Fixed Quark auto add threshold
  • Fixed Banks boost cost


Happy holidays, and thank you for your love and continuing support for the game!