Uncover the mysteries of the Leafton Pit

The wait is over, the Leafton Pit is finally upon us! A new area with a unique twist waits to be discovered. Delve into this mysterious pit to unlock 180 milestones!

Additionally, the Soul Realm galaxy has received a cosmic makeover in terms of balancing. Blowing damage is relevant again! :leafblower:

The update also brings various bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements, and more features!

* New area type: Leafton Pit (QA): Defeat as many enemies as you can for a limited amount of time. Higher floors yield better rewards. Can only be accessed through the Quark -> Leafton menu or the Ante Leafton area.
* 4 new resources: Quark Blobs, Quark Structures, Quark Energy, Leaftons
* Reworked quark damage. Quark enemies now have a quark shield which can only be reduced with quark damage. Once the quark shield is depleted, the “regular” damage applies.
* Added offline banks
* Added a new shop: Leaftons
* Added 2 new areas (QA) and a new boss!
* Added Dice backpack (similar to craft backpack)
* Added a new card
* Added a new pet: Trouto (automatically slaps enemies every 10 seconds)
* Added 180 new milestones (Leafton Pit)
* Milestones menu changed
* Improved performance when using Wind artifact
* Increased Offline Rewards max upgrade count in Gems shop
* Notification/item list flicker fixes
* Crafted leaves don’t get deselected anymore while autocrafting/fusing
* Quark Ambit can be unlocked after defeating Soul Mirage
* Quark Structures added (unlocked in the Quarks shop)
* Damage upgrades lowered in the Soul shops so damage is still meaningful
* Boss/Crypt levels changed in SR
* 2 new crafted leaves: Soul/Quark
* 4 new craft properties
* 2 new scrolls
* 3 new borbventures
* Added Dice battlefield min/max damage stat
* Dice properties base values buffed: Blower Dice 1% -> 3%, Relic Dice: 1% -> 5%, Slap Dice: 0.1% -> 0.5%
* Banks now have a rarity fallback upgrade. Once a card reaches its max count, the next available lower rarity will be used
* Plants/Butterflies can be removed manually
* Dice/Nature loadouts added to Control Panel
* Auto add quark optimizer upgrade added (auto adds the quark with the lowest count)
* Player gets kicked from all nature areas when the event expired
* Added notification option for Borbventures/Dice
* Leaf reward multiplier fixed for dice bonuses