Get ready to dig deep, because the latest update brings a new feature to LBR: Introducing the Mines!

Head to the Coal Shop and unlock a network of subterranean veins waiting to be exploited. Discover hidden caves, drill into the depths, and unearth exclusive rewards!



* Mines: Exploit coal veins, discover mine caves, drill deep into the Fire Field depths for exclusive rewards. (Unlock in Coal Shop)
* New IAP: Mines Pack – Unearth a bounty of rewards every day with the Mines Pack!
* New resources
* New material
* New pet: Moleo
* Craft presets added: Save properties from a crafted leaf and apply them to another one. No more transforming madness
* BV items codex added
* BV items can be crafted through the codex (after buying the upgrade in the shop)
* Shiny title background in menus added
* Lore UI improved
* Duplicate dice fixed
* Dice DLC fixed (dice missing when inventory was full)