Gear up for an exciting new update! This update introduces new features and improvements designed to enhance your gameplay experience.

A new artifact, new materials, upgradable Relics, Master Relics, QoL features, and more!

* Mirrors: place mirrors in different areas to collect area resources, materials and Relic Fragments. Unlocked in the electricity shop.
* New materials: Relic Fragments, Power Fragments
* Upgradable Relics
* Added Master Relics
* Roll all/Power roll all dice
* Some pets give offline rewards (Cheesetor, The Cursed Cheese, Toucano)
* Preparations for new online challenges that track the fastest completion time (similar to offline challenges)
* Alternative number notation changed and added chars up to 1e300
* Some UI changes in the account menu
* More Lore (thanks, flokc!)
* Bartender looks better now (thanks, flokc!)
* Added current resources/materials to Gem Leaves Shop/Soul Shop/Banks
* Offline tower floors added to the stats
* Typo fixed in The Abandoned Research Station description (game was unplayable until now)
* Spectral Seeker vulnerability count fixed in Coal shop
* Draw other items option added (card parts, etc.)
* Auto transmute now saves the correct state
* Stats fixed (this should also solve that some shops get hidden when things were bought)
* Borderless window option added
* Duplicate dice fixed (for good, hopefully)